Final War 3 – Star Trek mod update 0.71

Recently I released new updates 0.71. You can now directly download it here :
Link for download
Start game via launcher, it will download latest updates
Let me know, how do you like it :)

Some balancing related to retreating ships. Ships, which deplete primary ammunition (e.g. quantum torpedoes) switch to secondary (e.g. photon). New asteroid map :) And some new scenarios.

This time I added a feature which I considered for a long time – manual targeting by mouse. You can fire by left and right buttons. But most importantly this helps when firing tricobalt torpedoes (currently only on Akira – switch by pressing E) Because you can then fire on precise location, where you want the torpedo to detonate. In addition to that, you can also activate mouse steering by F4.
There is also some improvement on AI – it should evade dangerous nebulae and in some situation retreat.

I added a “screenshots of the day” feature :) Addes few ships. Some changes for scenarios – targets of goals are now defined by ship names and not numbers.
I also updated the launcher, but the changes are irrelevant for common player.

New functionality for scenarios : modifying objects. Referencing by name you can modify ships coordinates, status, target, disable AI etc. I also added two effect for adding ships : decloak and warp. So added ships do not appear “in thin air”. You can check the decloak effect in the scenario “The defector” (based on the TNG episode). I added also a betaversion of “Way of the warrior” DS9 scenario, so you might check that out.
There is another important change – ships now start with primary weapons fully charged and secondary weapons half charged. It looks more realistic in many situations (the Defector scenario being one of them). It also shifts the balance a bit towards ships with more powerful torpedoes (because now they get them half charged on the beginning – saving some 20 seconds). If you remember – in FW2 all ships started with all weapons fully charged.
Another new feature is kamikaze – based on faction settings (status of team, status of ship and overall probability) ships can decide to go on collision course and ram the target, doing considerable damage. As seen in many situations – especially by Jem’Hadar.
And one more thing – I created separate user config file, so from this version forward, your saved config (resolution etc.) should not be overwritten when new patch arrives.
Check patchnotes for the rest and more details.

And here is a video from battle of Cardassia Prime :)

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Public beta announcement for Final War 3 – Star Trek mod

So, after some years, I realized, that I am not really sure when I will be able to finish FW3 with the Mode zero content. And I think it is about time to make the game available at least in the state it is. So I will make the current version freely available as open beta with the Star Trek mod.
And I will continue with the development further to the best of my abilities. Maybe driven by the players requests for features.
I hope, that the players who were waiting in patience for years will enjoy what the game has to offer :)

To be able to download the game, please register on the forums. The link for download is there

Here is a trailer :
First person who can correctly name all the scenes in the trailer will earn my respect :-D

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New screenshot


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Work is in progress :)

Oh, I just realized the last post here was already two months ago. But can asure you, I am working on the game :) Quite intensively. Just to name a few topics, let me see the logs : engines glow effects, better explosions, point defense systems, subsystems targeting/damaging, damage textures, some network code improvements and optimizations. Graphics works are also in progress.
I will have to post some screenshots. But most of those topics are not really appealing on static image :)

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What features would you expect from the game launcher/updater ?
Currently I have a launcher, that checks installed game version and newest available version. Download all necessary patches and installs them. Then there is a screen with game related news. It is possible to see patch notes, visit homepage, forum and chat. And of course, start the game.
The main reason for a launcher is the autoupdate function, so that a player does not have to check updates and manually download them.


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Thought on optimizations

Here is a text I’ve written some time ago :

While browsing on gaming development sites, forums and chats I encountered a widespread statement : “premature optimization is a root of all evil” (or similar formulation).
Even though it may be true in some extreme cases, I think that overusage of this phrase started causing more troubles, than the optimization itself. It encourages beginners to skip planning and architecture.

It is important to think through every part of the code and see the big picture. Not to code the first possible solution of a problem. Otherwise you’ll be building on top of weak foundations and you’ll run into some serious problems later. And it is increasingly difficult to correct and refactor those foundations. Therefor it’s important to create solid and optimal solutions in the first place.

Let me tell you one example.

Continue reading

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Unverified images from colony 83 Leonis


Images provided by undisclosed civilian ship from orbit of colony on 83 Leonis caused major fuss on Earth. It shows a battlecruiser of Earth Defense Forces in common blue colors, which is exchanging fire with what seems to be a ship of same class, but with orange color pattern. No further details are available to the incident. No official statement was issued. The image authenticity is questioned. However speculations emerged, that there was a rebellion on the colony and the colonists took control over some of the ships.

Share this and demand answers from your government !

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Developers diary + screenshot of new HUD

screen4I spent last few days working on some details but mostly on new HUD. Big thanks to Mizzin for the graphics. The HUD has 3 modes, which can be toggled. One is the standard full HUD, but there is also one without any interface at all and one with only targeting and shields. Target information is also adjustable.
I also finally changed the shield indicators to some nicer textures. And I am currently experimenting with color schemes for the indicators (shields, hull etc.). Let me know, if you have some ideas about that. At the moment I have two favorites : the basic green-yellow-red and the blue-violet-red. The second fits better to the current HUD, but in my opinion is not so clearly readable. One may be confused if blue is better than violet.
But the HUD definition and skin is configurable per ship so the player can change it for himself.
Selecting the font for HUD was also quite difficult. After few hours of trying the best I could found is the one you can see on the screenshot.

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First few screenshots

Because the graphics is currently in development I can’t show you everything I would like to. But I want to show at least something, so I prepared some long range sensor images of Earth Defensive Force in military exercises. Ignore the gray color of the ships. It’s for protection against espionage :)




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Final war 3 is a sequel in a row of topdown starship combat games (see Evolution).

fw2sacrify4(final war 2 screenshot !)

Final war 2 was quite popular worldwide and one day I decided that I would like to remake it so it is even better and runnable on modern day computers. Also I wanted to add plenty of cool features I had in mind. So I started working on FW3.

My goal was to reuse all what was working in FW2 and build on top of it. I’d like FW3 to be to FW2 what Starcraft 2 is to Starcraft 1. This time the major point was multiplayer. The option to play against friends was something everyone wanted in FW2.

Although the previous games were free, I would like to put some reasonable price on this one. I would like to see, if I am able to design and implement a game, that can earn some money. So maybe I could make games for living. It was always kind of my dream, which I don’t want to let go easily.
But of course I can’t sell game of Star Trek franchise. Because I don’t have a license. Therefor FW3 in it’s basic form will be game with it’s own universe, custom ships and other stuff. But it will be highly modable.

I’ve been working on this for a few years now. Alone. I have already great portion of the game done. I hope I can show you some stuff very soon. But as the time goes by, I have to admit, that together with my everyday work, I was aiming to high. And now I see I will have to cut a lot of features. Otherwise I will never be able to finish this. I want to start some alpha phase and pre-sales as soon as possible. I can always add more things in beta phase and later (Minecraft style).


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