What features would you expect from the game launcher/updater ?
Currently I have a launcher, that checks installed game version and newest available version. Download all necessary patches and installs them. Then there is a screen with game related news. It is possible to see patch notes, visit homepage, forum and chat. And of course, start the game.
The main reason for a launcher is the autoupdate function, so that a player does not have to check updates and manually download them.


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2 Responses to Launcher/Updater

  1. Vicktor says:

    It would be also nice to have a preference and configuration option on the launcher screen, where you can choose sound and graphics properties, like the game resolution and if it should start windowed or in full screen.

    • admin says:

      You are right. That is something I’m considering. There is a question, if such configuration should be in game, or in launcher. And since resolution and fullscreen mode would require some restart or reinit, it may be better to have those on the launcher.

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