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What features would you expect from the game launcher/updater ? Currently I have a launcher, that checks installed game version and newest available version. Download all necessary patches and installs them. Then there is a screen with game related news. … Continue reading

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Thought on optimizations

Here is a text I’ve written some time ago : While browsing on gaming development sites, forums and chats I encountered a widespread statement : “premature optimization is a root of all evil” (or similar formulation). Even though it may be … Continue reading

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Unverified images from colony 83 Leonis

Images provided by undisclosed civilian ship from orbit of colony on 83 Leonis caused major fuss on Earth. It shows a battlecruiser of Earth Defense Forces in common blue colors, which is exchanging fire with what seems to be a … Continue reading

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Developers diary + screenshot of new HUD

I spent last few days working on some details but mostly on new HUD. Big thanks to Mizzin for the graphics. The HUD has 3 modes, which can be toggled. One is the standard full HUD, but there is also … Continue reading

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First few screenshots

Because the graphics is currently in development I can’t show you everything I would like to. But I want to show at least something, so I prepared some long range sensor images of Earth Defensive Force in military exercises. Ignore … Continue reading

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