Work is in progress :)

Oh, I just realized the last post here was already two months ago. But can asure you, I am working on the game :) Quite intensively. Just to name a few topics, let me see the logs : engines glow effects, better explosions, point defense systems, subsystems targeting/damaging, damage textures, some network code improvements and optimizations. Graphics works are also in progress.
I will have to post some screenshots. But most of those topics are not really appealing on static image :)

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3 Responses to Work is in progress :)

  1. willow says:

    držím palce , moc se těším :)

  2. dotaz says:

    zdravym…bude taho hra fungovat?…..pokud ano kde ji můu stahnout…sory pokud jsem natvrdlí :)

    • Lukas says:

      Hra je stále ve vývoji. Zatím se tedy nedá nikde stáhnout.

      Asi to ještě chvíli potrvá, ale výsledek za to čekání bude určitě stát!

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