Final War 3 – Star Trek mod update 0.75

Today just a data patch (so no changes in code). I added some ships, some variants of ships, some new textures – see patchnotes.
BTW As a lot of players might not be aware – some ships have variants. If you hold CTRL when clicking on a ship in lobby, you will enter a submenu and you can choose among variants of the ship class.
But most importantly new scenario – one of the most hectic battles in Federation history, which was never shown on screen :)




  • Data changes only
  • new San Francisco scenario
  • COST rebalancing – Defiant, Miranda, JH fighter increased by 10%; B’Rel, Hideki decreased by 10%
  • TEXTURE changes – B’Rel, Warbird (+ enlarged), Galaxy, Vor’Cha
  • NEW SHIPS – Keldon variants, Centaur
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