Final War 3 – Star Trek mod update 0.78

I added random tilled backgrounds which will be randomly chosen in roughly 30% of the battles. Other major change is related to scenarios – there is now “version 2″ which allows parallel goals definition and activation/deactivation of defined goals on success or fail. This will allow much more complex scenarios.



  • DYNAMIC BACKGROUND – random dynamic tiled background
  • DYNAMIC BACKGROUND – scenario definition – tiledBackground attribute of scenario element in XML; if missing (default) -> no tile. Can be overriden by empty attribute -> random tile, or specific image path
  • TRACTOR – allied ships can be tractored in warp if the distance to the ship is small
  • minor chnges and fixes – when firing single shots, ship will iterate the used weapons. So it will not fire from one weapon four rounds in a row, but rather once from four weapons one after another; render symbols only if not nebula or planet (fixes the off-center render bug)) ; larger distances shown in “km”;
  • SCENARIO – support for large images; empty battery does not prevent lowering shields for repairs;
  • COLLISION EFFECTS – added RepairArmor, RechargeShields, AmbientDamageSizeRelative
  • SCENARIO – version 2 – parallel goals, lists of goals to activate or deactivate on success or fail, detail description of goal, hidden flag
  • STRATEGIC MAP – available on key 9
  • PROJECTILE WEAPONS – lifeSpan for projectiles is 1/4 higher than value used for checking range. Therefor projectiles will fly 1/4 further. Thus preventing tactic with running ship firing backwards. Now the ship is either out of range, or the pursuing ship projectiles will hit as well
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